Working, studying and living in Lower Saxony

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Several German regions and branches record a lack of qualified workers. According to experts, the number of employed persons will decline around 6 million until 2025. Regardless of economy cycles, the demand for skilled labour turns into a structural problem due to the demographic changes. To counteract this trend and in order to support especially small and medium-sized companies, the Federal Government of Germany has started an initiative to recruit qualified labour not only on a national basis but also from abroad. Our task is to support the labour market integration process of migrants in Lower Saxony.


Are you thinking about working or studying in Lower Saxony? Read more about your chances and opportunities:

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About us

The IQ funding program - structure and tasks
IQ Network in the state of Lower Saxony


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Working in the state of Lower Saxony

Looking for a job
Applying for a job
Visa and entry regulations

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Vocational training and the program The Job of my Life

Vocational training and the dual education system in Germany
The program "The Job of my life" (MobiPro-EU) for young Europeans

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Studying in Germany

Links to information for (prospective) students and graduates in Germany and Lower Saxony

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Learning German

Integration courses
German for professional purposes: The ESF-BAMF program
German programs for children and young people

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Living in Lower Saxony

Links to information about housing, taxes, social security, insurances, healthcare and more about life in Germany and Lower Saxony

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